2020 taught us many lessons!

2020 was a year where many lives were lost from the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people lost their jobs and all our lives changed in one way or another from the pandemic. Lockdowns pushed the boundaries of our health, routines were missed and our mental health was challenged the most. There lots of lessons which we could learn from 2020. For us there couple of things which stand out.

  • Be ok with not being ok
  • Be agile, move faster
  • Brakes help in productivity
  • Be fine that nothing is constant
  • Get ready for unexpected to happen
  • Stock up on valuable commodities

Now more than ever we are becoming more digital. Many things have moved online and now there tools which facilitate these changes that some months ago we didn’t know even existed. Now its also time to do your taxes from home. This will save you time, you can provide details, couple of snaps and wait for the tax return to be completed for you. Swiss taxes have a deadline which is March 31st 2021. We at cotax can help you, so you are not alone!


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