What are the main documents to complete the Tax Return in Switzerland?

Tax Return Document Checklist

Documents required are dependent on you tax situation, the list contains the most important ones

General Documents:

  • Tax forms received from the tax office – important: Tax Identification Number
  • Copy of lasts year’s tax assessment
  • Personal details of all family members: names, surname, dates of birth, marital status, religion, occupation, employer, place of work. school or training for kids

Income/Bank accounts: Balance at the end of the year and interest paid end of the tax period

  • Salary statement – received from the employer
  • Statement of all the bank accounts, including credit cards, in/outside of CH
  • Statement from a security: shares, bonds
  • Statement for private debt loan

Other Documents:

  • Receipts of costs for education or training
  • Proof of contribution made to 2 pension pillar
  • Proof of contribution made to 3a pension pillar
  • Purchase or tax/asses value
  • Address of the property, years of purchase and construction
  • Summary of rent received in the tax year (if rented out). If owner occupiedthen estimate of the rent that you could get
  • Statement for any mortgages showing the amount due at the end of the yearand the interest paid
  • Receipts for maintenance cost of the property and insurance paid for theproperty
  • Health insurance premiums paid
  • Documentation on medical/dental treatment costs not covered by insurance
  • Inheritance and considerable gifts received within the tax period
  • Contribution to charities or political parties
  • Invoices for childcare
  • Documents regarding alimonies paid or received
  • Ownership of motor vehicles, brand purchase price & purchase date

You can download the list below in pdf format:

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